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Here are the kingdom revelations, words to live by, and words of wisdom given to empower you to reign in life... Proverbs 1:1

Kick-Off 2020 With The 31 Days Of Wisdom Challenge

A Daily Live and Interactive Journey Through The Book of Proverbs 

Time Sensitive: This is a 31 day live and highly-interactive study of the Book of Proverbs

Don't miss this unique opportunity to go into 2020 with increased revelation and wisdom for reigning in life...

With 31 Days of Mentoring From Some Of The Most Influential Minstry and Business Leaders In The Kingdom.
Meet Your Host - Pedro Adao
  • Founder Of The 100X Academy: The #1 Fastest Growing Training Program and Community For Kingdom Entrepreneurs
  • Creator of the 8:18 Kingdom Finance Challenge
  • #1 Best Selling Author Of The Finished Life: An Adventure Into Identity, Purpose, and Power

Pedro Loves Helping People Succeed and Thrive and has a high-level entrepreneurial and prophetic calling”
Shawn Bolz

"I have been all over the world and I have never seen anything like 100X" - Kris Vallotton

"Pedro Has A Remarkable Anointing For Merging Entrepreneurship With Revival Culture" - Lance Wallnau

So Excited To Be Joined By My Friends and Special Guest Trainers...

Kris Vallotton: Bethel Church Leader and Founder of The School of The Prophets 

Heidi Baker: Founder of IRIS Global

Graham Cooke: Author, Speaker, Trainer and Founder of Brilliant Perspective

Patricia King
Trusted Prophetic Voice and Mentor 

Doug Addison
InLight Connection Trusted Prophetic Voice 

Jennifer Eivaz: 
Founder Of The Praying Prophet, Author and Speaker

Pete Vargas 
Founder of Advance Your Reach
and The #1 Speaker Trainer 

Jennifer Allwood: Author, Speaker, Influencer, and Successful Kingdom Entrepreneur

Ray Edwards , Master Copywriter

Keith Ferrante: Founder of Emerging Prophets

Dan McCollam:
Prophetic Trainer and Co-Founder Of The Bethel School of The Prophets

Lover Of Wisdom, 

I know, I know, I know...

You're probably already sick of hearing about 2020...

But the fact is we are a few days from not just a new year...

but a new decade...

And if you're anything like me...

You want to see and experience even more of God's goodness, favor, and prosperity...

all while making a massive impact for the Kingdom.

If that's the desire of your heart then I want to invite you to what I believe will be the one of the most talked about online events of 2020...

The 31 Day Wisdom Challenge!!!

Join me Pedro Adao, Founder of the 100X Academy for a daily journey through the Book of Proverbs during the month of January. 

I can't tell you how excited I am to bring to you friends and colleagues of mine who are making a massive kingdom impact in ministry, in education, in government, and in the marketplace...

Each of them will be sharing powerful testimony and revelation from their personal study and application of the Book Of Proverbs.

Wisdom is the most valuable commodity-so buy it!
Revelation knowledge is what you need-so invest in it! Proverbs 4:7 The Passion Translation

Obviously, this is a time-sensitive invitation, so head over now to and get registered while you still can.

I can't tell you how excited I am to start announcing the incredible line-up of revelatory teachers and prophets...

and the incredibly successful entrepreneurs I have lined up to share with you, very private and personal study notes...

from their own search for the wisdom of God as provided in the Book of Proverbs.

If you hunger for increased wisdom and kingdom revelation...

and are committed to 2020 being a year of favor, prosperity, and breakthrough...

then, I couldn't recommend this 31 Day Wisdom Challenge to you enough.I invite you to click the button and join us for this one of a kind 31-day journey for kingdom-minded believers who desire to grow their income, influence, and impact. 

- Pedro Adao

Founder of The 100X Academy, #1 Best Selling Author, Member of the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club, Marketplace Leader In The Financial Services Industry

Here Are Just Some Of The Comments From One Of The Over 5,000 People That Have Taken Part In One Of Our Prior 100X Challenges...

"Seek First The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You." Matthew 6:33

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